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What is The Blue Rose Newsletter?


The Blue Rose Newsletter can be perceived as a portrait of my website, The Blue Rose Garden. Hence, being subscribed to this newsletter makes you a member of my team. This newsletter allows you to read, in the comfort of your email inbox, all articles, flash fictions, and sneak peeks I post on a regular basis on my website. No search necessary. No browsing required. That way, the entirety of the entertainment provided on The Blue Rose Garden can be found in one click only.

The many benefits of joining The Blue Rose Garden:

  • Receive monthly predictions made with tarot cards.
  • Receive Amnesic Mind (A Cup of Curiositea, Part 1) for free!
  • Enjoy discounts, gifts, and coupons, some exclusive to members of The Blue Rose Garden.
  • Read, in a user-friendly way, different articles, flash fictions, and sneak peeks.

The actions I will not take in regards of your subscription:

  • I will not send emails every week and overload your inbox. I, myself, hate when people or businesses send countless newsletters all the time, thus I will not copy their rudeness. To that intent, I will send about one newsletter every month, maybe two if I have something quite important to announce and cannot wait until the next newsletter. Meanwhile, if you miss me, I suggest either sending an email to or writing a post on Facebook or Twitter.
  • I will not reveal, sell or share your email address to anybody else. Therefore, fear not new member as your inbox shall not become a spa for spams (not on my part, at least).
  • I will not force you to buy my stories. I will, however, tell you about my newest creations, which you will be free to either read, buy or ignore.

*Please note that, since Amnesic Mind is currently being revised, you will receive your free copy at a later date via another Blue Rose Newsletter. 

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