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If you adore my stories and you would like to read more fictions and non-fictions written by me, you can help me support my writing career by making small donations based on three different bundles: Petal of Roses, Bouquet of Roses, and Basket of Roses. Obviously, these roses are fictional, like the characters in my stories. They do, however, represent the amounts of money you can give me to support my career, which are $5 for the Petal of Roses, $10 for the Bouquet of Roses, and $15 for the Basket of Roses.

Why three different bundles? Because I want to thank you for your help, support, and generous kindness, thus I will manually add your name to my monthly draw based on the bundle you bought. You get one entry for the Petal of Roses, two entries for the Bouquet of Roses, and three entries for the Basket of Roses.

The prize: a question answered by me, the Blueming Witch, with the help of my tarot cards and my prediction skills. On the 15th of every month, I will draw a name amongst all of my supporters, and that person will receive the answer to his question by the 1st of next month in a personalized email.

Be cool. Be nice. Be happy.

Shana B.





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