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Chapter 1: A Misfitting Secret

“What’s that?” she inquires in wonder, gripping the letter that magically felt into her hands, a letter previously hidden inside your pocket. Has she just performed the Dancing with the Air Spell? On my private letter!? She did not dare… Indeed, she did. Steam is coming out of your ears, foam of your mouth. She will pay for what she has done, there is no doubt.

Chapter 2: Meetings & Greetings

“If you don’t perform the Thermal Bubble Spell perfectly, your bubble can burst, or it can become too hot? Argh! I don’t remember!” you yell fisting your head, action that makes you spill coffee on the floor, which is immediately cleaned up by a spell-driven mop.







Po-Po-Poffee!? (The Bachelors Investigation, Part 2)

Synopsis: As you try to hide your biggest secret from your co-workers, you are on the verge of losing your job when your nemesis threatens to reveal your secret to everyone.

Categories: Ongoing Short Stories, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Fairy Tale, Magic, Humorous.
Size: 5,372 words (26 pages)
Publication Date: December 2, 2015


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