Coffee to Fly!


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Chapter 1: Tick-Tock

You escape towards the depth of the alley, where a crossroad lies, and examine its four sides before your eyes crease in displeasure. “No, no, no!” you complain, fists down, once you realize that you have officially lost the thief and his trail.

Chapter 2: Becca

Becca covers her mouth while hysterically laughing. “See what happens when you mess with me and my style? Alright, let’s make a deal since I can clearly see that you’re experiencing some kind of money issues. Moreover, as a friend, I would hate to take away the money you obviously don’t possess, especially after you did such a good job at disgracing yourself without anybody’s help”.







Coffee to Fly! (The Bachelors Investigation, Part 1)

Synopsis: You run into an old acquaintance, whom you despise, and drop coffee on her expensive outfit when you are already late for work.

Categories: Ongoing Short Stories, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Fairy Tale, Magic, Humorous.
Size: 3,187 words (19 pages)
Publication Date: October 14, 2015


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