February has been quite busy, as any other month. However, what has changed is my ability to make it all work. I slowly managed to follow a steady discipline in regards to my work and my professional plans, which was quite a challenge for me in the past. I did not know where I was going, and as a result, I was walking different paths, starting countless projects. One negative thing about starting countless projects is that you do not get to finish one, thus the feeling of satisfaction and of accomplishment never comes. This situation puts stress on someone because he never knows if he will ever succeed, given the fact he never has the strength to see the finality of his projects.

In that intend, I decided it was time for me to focus my energy on specific projects that will all lead me towards the same and unique goal set for my future. I now have a concrete plan. I know have a schedule. And, let me tell you, knowing where you are going lifts up an unnecessary weight off your shoulders. Being focus and working towards a specific goal has made me more efficient and productive.

As a result, I have put aside my ongoing and unfinished stories: A Cup of Curiositea, Enchanter Detective, and Story of Astöria. I am now working on a new story (and only on that one, I swear!) that will be connected to my online service of tarot divination known as The Blueming Witch, a service that I hope will reach a lot of people as much as my stories.

To represent my new focus, I changed my menu bar. I have regrouped all of my stories under Novels. I have added three menu options: Tarot Divination (where you can purchase a Hocus Pocus to know your future), Astro-Waves (where I plan to sell monthly predictions in a near future), and Arcanas (which is the story related to my Blueming Witch Service). If you want to receive free monthly predictions, I suggest you subscribe to my Blue Rose Newsletter. And, if you subscribe before February 27, you get one tarot divination question for free (Hocus Pocus #2).

On that note, I plan to give you an update of my work every month to inform you all of my progress and plans for the future.

Be cool. Be nice. Be happy.

Shana B.


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