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Coffee to Fly! (The Bachelors Investigation, Part 1)

You run into an old acquaintance, whom you despise, and drop coffee on her expensive outfit when you are already late for work.

Categories: Ongoing Short Stories, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Fairy Tale, Magic, Humorous.

Publication Date: October 14th, 2015


You, Skyraline Hopkins, have always loved morning strolls within the House-City of Orphelia, strolls that usually allow you to enjoy the landscape of skyscrapers built with a medley of bricks, plaster, and beams, to enjoy the smells created by freshly-brewed coffee and potions, and to enjoy the view of hundreds of newsflyer flapping their sheets in the bright blue sky.

Unfortunately, today is everything except the best day to daydream about your life, because despite the sights of grandiose architecture and grumpy Orphelians who have not yet had the pleasure of drinking their morning coffee, today seems to wear the perfect pair of disappointments and sport the greatest feeling of uncertainty and lost.

Unfortunately, today is everything except the best day to daydream about your life, because at that very moment, you are extremely and utterly late for work.

Behind you, eight spell-driven cup holders, which are under the Dancing with the Air Spell, are trying to keep up with your erratic movements like ducklings following their mother.

Your halt at Cups & Cauldrons to order thirty coffee and one poffee to brighten up your day has slowed you down dramatically. Perhaps, you should have planned your time in a more efficient manner. Still, all of this mental arguing does not change the fact of your imminent tardiness.

You sigh, tapping multiple times on one of your pockets. I can do this!

As soon as you pick up the pace, you catch a glimpse, from the corner of your eye, of a young man snatching one of your coffee like a skilled pick-pocket, right before running away in the distance of busy and noisy streets.

“Argh!” you shout, pulling you hair at the sight of this thievery. “Alright, Skyra,” you say as you pace back and forth between the wooden stands erected on the cobblestone sidewalks, “you have two choices. First, you can simply mourn the loss of one coffee, but celebrate the fact you still have twenty-nine other left. Second, you can run after the thief, and take back what he’s stolen from you.”


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