Costume Quest




Release Date: October 19, 2010
Developer: Double Fine Productions
Genre: Role-Playing Video Game


Halloween is arriving shortly with its ghostly atmosphere, and one thing I like to do during that period is to replay Costume Quest! Costume Quest is an arcade game you can buy on PC and Xbox. I love Halloween, and this game represents everything there is to like about that spooky day! The story of Costume Quest is quite simple: your twin sister (or brother) has been kidnapped by monsters, and you have to go save her while fighting monsters with your super-costumes.

The battles are quite interesting for an arcade game. Even though they are not complex, you still need to think your moves ahead. Also, you need to pay a special attention to your moves and blocks as they can impact the amount of damage given and received. The graphics are great, and the music is quite thematic.

You have three locations where you need to trick-or-treat (and by trick-or-treat, I mean that you have to knock on doors to receive candies, or monsters!), and there are different quests that need to be fulfilled within these locations. The quests are the same, but nonetheless entertaining.

Another great aspect of the game are the dialogues, which are funny and funky. I give that game a score of 9/10. Halloween would never be the same without that game. Trust me.


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