April’s News

Hello Bluemers! Spring is finally here; the snow has finally melted. Talking about melting, have you had a chance to read my free short fiction A Melting Heart? And, while we find ourselves on the subject of fiction, I started publishing chapters of A Cup of Curiositea for free on Wattpad. Why do you not take a look?

I am also working on the layout of my future Astro-Waves, which are horoscopes, and they are going to be awesome! I do not know when I will be ready to publish them, but stay connected to receive more news on that subject, or subscribe to my Blue Rose Newsletter to receive free horoscopes.

Amongst all of this, I am still working on Arcanas, my story about tarot cards, witches, and Starfighters. The story is still at its premises, so I cannot tell you when I will be able to start publishing it. I will publish this story chapter by chapter on my website every month. I might turn Arcanas into a book at some point, but that will happen on a later date.

The reason why I am not as proficient as before is defined by the fact I also work at a book store, which I enjoy so much! I am, however, busier than ever, and as a result, I have less time to work on my stories and blog articles. Despite it all, I am still here, and I am still answering all of my emails.

Be cool. Be nice. Be happy.

Shana B.


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