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After high school, Shana Blueming took a 3D Animation course where she planned to work afterward in Japan for Squaresoft—back when that video game company was still named Squaresoft. After two years of modeling and animating—and, unfortunately, of not discovering any artistic talent—she realized, for her own good, that she wanted to study languages at the university.

Therefore, she has embarked on an intellectual journey that finally, for her own good, ended after four years of hard work, a time when she has also done an internship in Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics. She does now possess a bachelor’s degree in English-French translation and other abilities that do not figure on this diploma.

As a graduation gift, she booked herself a three-month trip to Beijing in order to learn Mandarin—indeed, she loves, and cannot stop, learning languages! Up until now, she has learned Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin. Unfortunately, she has also forgotten Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin.

And then, the time arrived when she wanted to mix her creativity skills with her language studies. Now, guess what happened? You are right; she became a writer. For that intend, she is currently taking an online writing course to improve and refine her writing skills, and she wishes, hopes, and dreams that her writing career will be as long as the distance between planet Earth and the sun—indeed, she is also very optimistic.


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If you have any questions about Shana Blueming’s work or her curriculum, send her an email to shanablueming@gmail.com or fill the Contact Form on the left.

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